Starch and plastic spoon

Starch is used as a thickener and binder in a wide variety of food applications including soups & sauces, canned vegetables, convenience foods, meat products, snack coatings, batters, bakery products, marinades and frozen foods.

Clean Label Starches

  • Native Wheat Starch
  • Native Rice Starch
  • Native Spelt Starch
  • Native Potato Starch (including Low Moisture)
  • Native Tapioca Starch (including Low Moisture)
  • Native Pea Starch (including Low Moisture)
  • Native Waxy Rice Starch
  • Native Waxy Tapioca Starch
  • Pregelatinised Native Starches
  • Pregelatinised Waxy Starches
  • Micronised Wheat Starch

Speciality Starches

  • Chemically Modified Starches (both food & non-food)
  • Premixes of Pregelatinised & Modified Starches
  • Maltodextrins
  • Modified Highly Resistant Waxy Tapioca Starches